Day 5

„If you gave me a ticket, I would go home.“ I was standing in the middle of an incredibly uncoordinated fire attack to put out a burning car in a roundabout. In the nine months I had spent as a firefighter in a developing country I had always been prepared to take one more disappointment. But sometimes it hits you nevertheless. Other things happened after putting out the fire which are much too similar to the existing prejudices so that I will not tell them now. Well, at least I had some nice food today and I nearly stayed within the budget. Breakfast was two free chapatis and a rice ball together with tea, plus an orange, tomato paste and an avocado brought from at home (1,200 Shilling). For lunch I had home made bread with two bananas and another orange (900 Shilling). When I came home, I had some cereals (1,000 Shilling) and some bread (200 Shilling). Ok, I did not make it, especially when I count the water (900 Shilling). But there are days when life is too tough for living on 1.25 Dollar. Sorry for those who cannot just open their fridge and take something else if they do not like their spartanic dish. I am aware of my privileged position. But most of the people living on 1.25 Dollar in Tanzania are definitely not working eleven hours per day. Well, I should not try to justify myself. I am privileged and I am aware of that. It was good having a bowl of oatmeal with mango and milk instead of maize mash. Tomorrow is the last campaign day. I am trying to be strong once more but I can tell you that this is not going to be forever. I will tell you how I will be feasting on friday…

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