GSC: Day No. 2

Breakfast – Tea, home made bread and eggs – 300 Shilling, 100 Shilling and 300 Shilling

The regatta: Everybody brought something and I contributed bread and dhal (lentils). My share had a value of approximately 200 Shilling for the bread and 500 Shilling for the lentils.

On my way home I bought two oranges for 200 Shilling each and I ate one of them for dinner together with chapati (Indian kind of pancake, 200 Shilling). I would nearly have accepted the plastic bag to carry the oranges but in the last moment I stuffed them in my pocket to save some waste. I did not throw anything in the dustbin for today. On the way to the yacht club I just bought a bottle of water (700 Shilling) which I am going to use for this week. Water amounts to 500 Shilling for the rest of the day.

Let us sum it up: I spent 3,100 Shilling or 1.41 Dollar on my nutrition today. That is already closer to the limit. I could have used boiled tap water instead of buying it from the shop, then I could have undercut the line. Let’s keep it up tomorrow!

Today I forgot to take any pictures of my food or the shops where I bought it. Be patient…

And I learned something else: Tanzania’s most exclusive yacht club is very egalitarian in fact. Even people who struggle to survive on the margin of poverty are taking part in regattas, enjoying club life, taking to the sea on white yachts. Unfortunately it is just an offer for white males who have relations to the right people and come from a privileged class themselves. Thank you for your efforts in changing this, VIDEA!

To support the fundraising campaign, follow this link: http://solidarity.videa.ca/participantpage.asp?fundid=1846&uid=3438&role=1