Images: The journey and the first day

I have arrived in Dar es Salaam. I had been prepared for a cultural shock, but I felt rather like arriving at an unknown playing field for a football match. That does not mean that I was not nervous or excited. It simply felt surreal und I was surveying my moves and body functions more closely than usual. After some sleep we went to the bank, my credit card survived a system shutdown of the ATM (Windows XP, but I already knew that from Deutsche Bahn) and I saw the first real shotgun in my life, it belonged to a security guard. We were offered very good Italian ice cream and a man talked to me in French. Europe must look tiny from here. At least for me looking at the map of Tanzania in our living room is like looking at a section of outer space. And if Europe is even beyond, that is quite a lot of light years. The surreal feeling has not vanished yet. Tomorrow we are going to see the hospital, the fire department and our house. I am looking forward to it. Thanks to our great mentors Adson and Daniel, we are like children exploring the park in a new neighborhood. New people, some new rules, but humans like around the corner. Laughing, chatting, working.


Atatürk Airport, Istanbul





Nile Valley at night




Landing in Dar es Salaam



Sunset and freight yard



The view from our apartment

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